I first me Master Lee and became his student when we were both in high school. I joined his first Martial Arts club and studio at that time. Even as a teenager, Master Lee had a passion for people and a desire to improve their lives. I trained directly with Master Lee for over twelve years, eventually becoming an instructor myself and attaining my second degree black belt. Since that time, Master Lee and I have maintained a great student/master relationship and deep friendship. He has continued his destiny of changing the lives of thousands through a deep commitment to his individual students using the ancient Korean Art of Hwa Rang Do, while I followed my path into medicine.

Master Lee is an excellent leader and teacher. He has a natural charisma that begs to be followed. Quality is defined as a native excellence or superiority and this is what Master Lee possesses in the way that he teaches both martial arts and lessons that can change your life. He does this through maintaining a deep commitment to the core values of Hwa Rang Do. Master Lee has taught me the meaning of loyalty through our relationship and by observing the way he leads his life. He has taught me not only how to persevere but to succeed in circumstances which at the time seemed insurmountable. Most importantly, he has taught me how to have a deep concern and love for the people who are put into our lives.

Mike Stephen MD
Medical Director of Emergency Services
St Francis Medical Center
Chair, Board of Directors
Front Line Emergency Care Specialists