These are some of the testimonials from over 20 years at the West Coast Hwa Rang Do Academy under Grandmaster Taejoon Lee’s leadership:

Grandmaster Lee is the real-deal! His leadership, personal sacrifice and love for Hwa Rang Do is unsurpassed. He has personally touched my life and that of many, many others and continues to do so daily. He is a living embodiment of striving for perfection!

  • Jason A.


Grandmaster Taejoon Lee is the most competent and versatile Martial Art teacher in California if not the world.

  • Sabine K.


I have been in Martial arts for almost 40 years. I have from afar witnessed the skill of Hwa Rang Do and the achievements of the Lee family. They live the life of true warriors and pass that skill along to their students.

  • Eric B.


The West Coast Hwa Rang Do Academy is led by Grandmaster Taejoon Lee, a man who took the responsibility to carry on and teach to the world the ancient tradition of hwarang warriors. His skills are amazing and I was impressed by his wisdom after seeing him at the European Championships 2009.


  • Francesco V.


The Best in spirit and strength! And Grand Master Lee is a living example of these two things.

  • Mauro C.


I just started Hwa Rang Do, and it is amazingly intensive. Can’t be beat.

  • Blake R.


If you want to learn about Martial Arts & The Martial Way The West Coast Hwa Rang Do Academy is the only place to train at!!

  • Jeff S.


Hwarangdo is an amazing style, and Grandmaster TaeJoon Lee is one of the most gifted martial artist and teachers I have ever seen. As a Hapkido, Brazilian Vale Tudo, Krav Maga instructor, I’ve been impressed to see the whole range of techniques offered by Taejoon Lee, his father and their style.

  • Charles M.


Grandmaster Taejoon Lee is one of the best martial artists in the world and his academy is really amazing! Hwarang forever!

  • Giulia F.


A beautiful way to become a true man and love life day by day. Thanks to Kuk Sa Nim,


  • Arcangelo Cirillo


Love the art! You will be amazed of what you can actually do with your body and mind. My first martial art school, and I am proud of it!

  • Ling


Grandmaster Taejoon Lee is really a fantastic teacher. Not only is his fighting knowledge unmatched, he is also very inspirational. I think he probably has the best martial arts school in the world.

  • Jack F.


They are actively engaged in not only promoting the martial arts industry but doing what they can to make the world itself a better place with their outreach programs.

  • J W.


An amazing martial art that truly makes you feel humbled. Hard, but only as a beginner I can already tell that this will be an amazing journey and process.

  • Ben O.


Tradition, awe-inspiring technicians, the dojang is quite simply ”martial arts” of the highest level possible!

  • Jacques K.


So far I have only had the opportunity to train at a beginner level, but I can easily say Hwa Rang Do has been one of the most important decisions of my life. HRD is so much more than the typical martial art; it produces leaders. Grandmaster Lee is a true leader, and listening to his seminars and life stories is nothing short of amazing.

  • Eric W.


The efficiency of this particular art is undeniable as is the skill level of Grandmaster Taejoon Lee. Secondly, is the way the students are constantly motivated to improve in their chosen art and in their daily lives.

  • James R.


Hwa Rang Do is a really amazing experience – a never ending journey to strengthen your body, your mind, your spirit. Moreover, the West Coast Hwa Rang Do Academy is led by Grandmaster Taejoon Lee, who is a really extraordinary master, not to mention the fact he’s the son of the Founder!

  • Andrea L.


It incorporates the Best overall structure as in Soft, Hard, Smooth, Quick, Precise, Confident. Helps To Create All You Can Be!!!

  • David L.


Grandmaster Lee is one of the best martial artists and teachers in the US.

  • Chelsey O.


Grandmaster Lee is a complete and true Martial Artist whom has devoted his life to spread this wonderful and unique martial art.

  • Rangjesus


West Coast HRD has been a life changing experience for myself and my wife. I highly recommend for that Grandmaster Lee is truly one of the greats!

  • Don K.


A strong martial art for all body types, all those who seek discipline, focus, and personal growth. If you seek an instructor that will be honest and caring enough to push, then you find Grandmaster Lee. If you are seeking to protect yourself as a lady, and walk with grace and self-confidence, then find Grandmaster Lee. If you are someone seeking the ability to force your will on others and have people to boss around, then you would be in the wrong spot. There are many great lessons to be learned from Hwa Rang Do, and Grandmaster Lee. Know thyself, don’t lie to yourself, and be an asset to society.

  • Quintina F.


I have been in the Martial Arts for over 40 years and have interacted with many instructors and styles. I am the highest ranked person in my style, Chuan Fas Ssu Ren, and almost all other instructors only want to fight to prove they are the best rather than share knowledge and grow. Grandmaster Lee has not done that and has respect for other styles and is willing to learn what is to be taught. He is teaching the art as is was meant to be taught…with respect and humility for people and life. He teaches real martial arts that people can actually use.

  • Gean C.


Grandmaster Lee is easily the best martial artist I have ever met in my life, and his academy is one where quality is the TOP concern.

  • Nate G.


I would recommend West Coast Hwa Rang Do Academy because of the integrity of the instructors and their techniques! I am a 7th degree black belt in Tang Soo Do with over 30 years teaching experience. and, I coached two top U.S. Junior Olympic Tae Kwon Do teams. So, the art and style Hwa Rang Do is not mine. And, I am not affiliated with Grandmaster Lee in any way. I have looked at the different schools and their websites, videos and overall presentation. I have to say this school and its approach is the best I have seen. My instructor told me many years ago that courtesy and proper respectful etiquette are the most important things in martial arts. It is not about being tough or even to be the best competitively. The true winner is one who learns the most and wants to improve as a human being. That is the attitude and spirit I see in Grandmaster Lee’s students. And, that is what will give you the victory in all aspects of life. I applaud and congratulate Grandmaster Lee and his ability to inspire his students to strive for excellence on and off the mat!

  • Tony P.


Because Grandmaster Lee is one of the most amazing martial artists I have ever had the pleasure of viewing.

  • Anthony C.


Because Grandmaster Lee is of high standards. He walks the walk and talks the talk. An amazing young man.

  • Rick H.


Expert instruction. Full, comprehensive martial arts training – not just standard kicks and punches. You learn weapons, grappling, performance and spiritual development. For a complete martial arts experience, this is the only school that delivers.

  • Chris M.


I recommend hwa rang do because it is so comprehensive. It is the real deal. I was lucky enough to see our special forces [SEALS] training in this art while in the service. It’s awesome. I’ve compared it to many martial arts over the years, none have come close to what I’ve learned from hwa rang do. The system itself is built on tried and true techniques, that are based on the anatomy of the human body. There is a reason for everything that you do in hwa rang do. Nothing is left to chance. This is why I recommend this martial art school over all the others.

  • Jauregui


This is the most comprehensive martial art that I have ever learned or observed. Kuk Sa Nim Taejoon Lee is a great instructor and life coach. Thank you Grandmaster Joo Bang Lee for bringing this amazing art from Korea 50 years ago. Hwarang!

  • Syberpanther


Provides great service to community by offering monthly free self-defense classes! Excellent training for anyone willing to learn.

  • Brittney H.


They understand the meaning of DISCIPLINE! If you are truly serious about martial arts this is the academy for you.

  • PerfectSuccess


The best training I have ever had! Grandmaster Taejoon Lee is a dime a dozen.

  • Michelle M.


After training here for nearly three years, I can say that becoming of apart of the West Cost Hwa Rang Do Academy is the best decision I’ve ever made with my life. Not only am I in the best shape of my life, but also Grandmaster Lee has helped mold me into a better, more mature person. I cannot say enough about how much there is to be gained here mentally, spiritually, and physically,

  • Christian L.


Grandmaster Taejoon Lee is the son of the man who brought the most complete martial art in the world to this country. So learning at this Academy it is like being tutored in physics by Albert Einstein. He is a master at motivation and at imparting personal growth and development as well as the Art itself. I cannot imagine a more well rounded physical, spiritual and even intellectual education through a martial art than what you will find at the West Coast Hwa Rang Do Academy.

  • Craig O.


After visiting and taking free trial lessons at several schools in the LA area this is my pick. The most complete martial art I have ever tried. From Standing striking to grappling and submissions plus weapons, Hwa Rang Do has it all. After my free trial lesson I knew I had found the right place. What other martial arts school provides free self-defense lessons to the public without pressure to join? Thank you to all the instructors and Grandmaster Taejoon Lee for opening my eyes to the best Academy in the LA area.

  • Shawn M.


Grandmaster Lee is a phenomenal instructor and shows his passion for his art every day he teaches class.

  • Chuck A.


If you are looking for something traditional which will challenge you both physically and mentally and where people practice moral principles like honor and respect this is the place for you. My wife and I have been taking Hwa Rang Do together for a little over 3 years now and have not turned back since. We plan to continue the journey together and obtain our goals in the most complete martial art in the world!

  • Brad and Erline


I’ve always had a soft spot for martial arts since I was very young. I was enrolled in a local hwa rang do academy at a young age and had to quit because of some medical issues. Even though I wasn’t practicing, I still had a burning passion for it, but then that passion started to die. Just when I was ready to quit completely, I saw Grandmaster Taejoon Lee on the internet looking extra fly and dangerous and the little spark that was in me ignited a new fuel generated by the awe, nostalgia and longing I felt when watching this amazing man at work. Just watching this man is enough to inspire anyone. Unfortunately, I am in a location that doesn’t permit me to participate in any of his classes, but I will accept any kind of teaching from Grandmaster Taejoon Lee that I can get my hands on just because he is who he is. Grandmaster Taejoon Lee, if you are reading this, I have to say that even though you’ve never even met me, I am eternally thankful to you for reigniting the passion within me, and the love for this lifestyle.

  • Taylor B.


Hwa Rang Do’s method and vision of training the entire person (body, mind, emotion and spirit) so that each individual can reach their full potential for the benefit of humanity is unparalleled in the martial arts community today. Grandmaster Lee epitomizes this ideal of complete martial artist and actualized individual with action not just words and demands no less from his students. They are the #1 school in L.A. hands down!

  • Steve L.


It is more than an Art it is a way of life. Supreme Grandmaster Dr Lee and Grandmaster Taejoon Lee exemplify this setting the proper examples for children and adults.

  • Thomas J S.


Grand Master Lee is one of the most experienced people I have ever met. Not only in Martial Arts and Self Defense but also in life.

  • Solaredge


Best Martial Art in the World

  • Michael K.


If I never was in Hwa Rang Do, I don’t know where I would be or what person I’d be today. Anyone is welcomed to join Hwa Rang Do. For those of you who want to join or thinking about joining, BE PREPARED! Hwa Rang Do can really save your life. Like Mine.

  • Nivek Z.


Why? The teacher, students, and family. The humility, discipline, ideals, standards, and excellence. The workouts, soreness, sweat, flexibility and health. The curriculum, techniques, lessons and achievement. The care, accountability, commitment and honor. Or simply put… THE WAY

  • Stephen H.


This martial art is the most complete self defense training around. Grandmaster Lee and his staff are the best at teaching their art. It has something for everyone. Bring the whole family to learn together.

  • Scott K.


Plain and Simple, this is the real deal!

  • Mel B.


My fiancé, my son and myself all have been a part of the academy for over 10 years – It is a place that is unique, inspiring, challenging and very rewarding. We highly recommend it! There are not enough words to describe the incredible experience.

  • Juana R.


West Coast Hwa Rang Do Academy offers amazing training for everyone and anyone. I have never been to the academy, but just the little online training the academy offers has really helped me. I some day wish to attend West Coast Hwa Rang Do Academy because I know for a fact that the instruction there is the best in the world.

  • Ashley T.


Train the whole person in every way, not just self defense or kick/punch, not just grappling or weapon fighting. Train your body conquer your mind feed your soul. WE LOVE IT!!!!

  • Dee L.


Training at the West Coast Hwa Rang Do Academy and under Grandmaster Lee has been the most rewarding and beneficial experience of my life. Not only are you training physically but most importantly you are training to become an extraordinary, self confident and invincible human being!! I highly recommend the West Coast Hwa Rang Do Academy especially to women and children!!

  • Olivia F.


Grandmaster Taejoon Lee is one of the world’s greatest martial artists, and Hwa Rang Do is Korea’s most comprehensive martial art. The Hwa Rang Do family is incredibly close, and captures the feeling of “brotherhood” that is portrayed in the stories of ancient Hwarang warriors.

  • Dave H.


The West Coast Hwa Rang Do Academy is not only a school where one can learn self defense, discipline, philosophy, and confidence, it’s a life-long family. The best teachers and students you’ll ever meet.

  • Eric R.


The West Coast Hwa Rang Do Academy has one of the greatest martial arts Grand Masters in the world, Grand Master Taejoon Lee. Training at the HRD Academy will push you to your limits and beyond. Hwa Rang Do is a martial art that has everything the modern martial artist needs to learn. There are so many techniques you’ll need to train for a lifetime to master them all.

  • Mark M.


It’s the best martial art academy I have ever seen. Grandmaster Taejoon Lee is an incredible teacher but, most important, he’s honest and he is able to understand the student like no others. You can learn so much studying with the WCHRDA team! Me and my wife come there from Italy (Rome) every year to stay and practice HRD for some weeks and I can say it’s the best investment in our life. I will see you there!

  • Marco M.


I actually have a Black Belt from another prestigious school not on your list but have known students and viewed a class at Hwa Rang Do. I can see that Hwa Rang Do may be the most comprehensive Martial Arts system out there, if it were not for my loyalty to my own Grandmaster, I would not hesitate to continue my journey with West Coast Hwa Rang Do.

  • Mario R.


Most comprehensive martial art I’ve ever seen and very passionate master who guides you to the right direction.

  • Dami Y.


Back a few years ago I started looking into hwarangdo as a possible avenue of study. As a result, I searched out and have communicated with Grandmaster Taejoon Lee on numerous occasions! As I am a martial artist myself with some 30 years of study and can be discriminating in my choices, and have had contact with numerous martial artists of stature and knowledge, in my opinion Grandmaster Taejoon Lee who leads the West Coast Hwa Rang Do Academy is perhaps the most knowledgeable, thorough, and in-depth martial artist I’ve ever had the honor of communicating with! Everything I have seen of this martial arts school leads me to view them as world class. Also on numerous occasions I have asked Grandmaster Taejoon Lee for advice on different aspects of training to great benefit! I believe this school could be one of the finest in the world!

  • Kevin K.


One of the best teachers in the world!

  • John S.


I have had a long history with this wonderful and beautiful martial art of Hwa Rang Do!! Since 1987, I remember always wanting to take martial arts. I was only 11 years old. I remember my parents recommending the YMCA Karate in Downey and another Tae Kwon Do studio near Cerritos. I was not impressed with either. Until I walked into Hwa Rang Do in the old Downey headquarters. Well 20 some odd years later on and off, I have been affiliated with Hwa Rang Do. It is the most complete martial art in the world!!! Kicking, punching, and dynamic acrobatic moves? You got it!! Joint manipulation? You got it!! Weapons? You got it!! Ground fighting/grappling? You got it!! How many other martial arts can you say that about??? None!! Only Hwa Rang Do!! Once a Hwa Rang Doist!! Always a Hwa Rang Doist!! The original martial art!!

  • Paul J.


I have recently joined West Coast Hwa Rang Do and it is terrific. The classes are intense and very insightful. From the instructors to the students, everyone at this academy is friendly. This is a great environment to learn not only the most comprehensive martial art, but about yourself and how to live life to its fullest. When I first arrived at West Coast Hwa Rang Do, I was unsure of what kind of academy this was. All doubts disappeared after speaking with Grandmaster Lee. His passion about his art, his academy, and definitely his students simply amazed me. I was completely convinced studying at Grandmaster Lee’s academy would be a great experience. You don’t have to take my word for it, come in and try it out. Then speak with Grandmaster Lee himself and be convinced. But a word of warning, this is not for the faint-hearted. In essence, Grandmaster Lee is a phenomenal instructor and person. West Coast Hwa Rang Do Academy is the place to be for learning more than just martial arts.

  • Luan V.


When I was younger I had met a couple of students training in Hwa Rang Do… everything about them represented what it is today… great attitudes, strong, friendly, etc. I learn quickly in martial arts, probably my best natural talent, but they always gave me something new to learn… and even though there isn’t a dojang here at Camp Humphreys, South Korea, I can’t wait until I get the chance to officially train… HwaRang

  • Josh K.


The most complete martial art in the world. As a 53 y/o yellow sash I can tell you it has changed my life.

  • Julio H.


You EARN everything there… It’s the real thing.

  • Sam M.


West Coast Hwa Rang Do has great facilities and very supportive students and teachers. It is like a big family. And the training provides for mental as well as physical strength.

  • Vgasio


Simply the best. Nothing even remotely comparable around.

  • Andrew B.


My son has a delay in his speech and language and needs extra help. Grandmaster Lee and his staff are always there and willing to give him the extra help he needs!!

  • Marnee M.


West Coast Hwa Rang Do is a martial art with a true history. “The concepts, techniques, and philosophies contained in Hwa Rang Do have endured for about 2000 years. “Hwa Rang Do® – The martial art name: “The way of the flowering manhood.” This is the name of the martial art identity that was founded in 1960 by Dr. Joo Bang Lee. He is the one who created the syllabus of this martial art for public instruction. He combined the spirit and philosophy of the ancient Hwarang warriors with the ancient secret Hwarang combat skills Um Yang Kwon that were passed to Dr. Lee from his master Suahm Dosa. Supreme Grandmaster Dr. Joo Bang Lee is the 58th generation Hwa Rang and his eldest son Grandmaster Taejoon Lee is a Hwa Rang Do 8th degree black belt. I travel many miles just to train under these true masters of the Art. In this art it is not enough to just learn all the physical requirements, but you must also have good character and a strong mentality and you must prove that you deserve the right to wear a black belt. It is a well rounded martial art which covers all aspects of training, from weapons, full contact fighting, grappling, and techniques and so much more. This is not just any art, this is the real thing. Hwa Rang Do/Tae Soo Do is a way of life not just a martial art. I have trained in other martial arts and although I did learn much from the other arts they are in no way near the training I have received from Hwa Rang Do. If you want to know what real martial art training is, you must see for yourself. You will be amazed.

  • jdwoodworth


The best self defense training available.

  • Action J.


The Most Comprehensive Martial Arts program in the world, with top of the line instructors.

  • Christopher J.


Extraordinary school of leadership & philosophy of life. There is no finer art and Masters for those up to the challenge of living an extraordinary life. Leave all delusions behind.

  • lusanti


West Coast Hwa Rang Do Academy has taught us strength, loyalty, obedience, self discipline, confidence, coordination, and how to stand up and face our own mistakes and correct them. Grandmaster Taejoon Lee is a remarkable man, and an excellent teacher, his students show a level of caring for each other and spirit that is seldom found anywhere.

  • Diane S.


High quality teaching, under the most comprehensive martial art of the world.

  • Maura F.


Grandmaster Taejoon Lee is extraordinary in every single aspect of his training from the subtle to the blatant. He will bring out the best in ANYbody.

  • bsarnol2


Honor, hard work, highly ethical with a focus on improvement of self. It encourages everyone on an individual level to succeed at your own pace and challenges one to get to the next level, whether tangible or intangible, this school encourages you and lets you know you can do it!

  • Roberta S.


West Coast Hwa Rang Do is a fun and active environment. It is ones place to go and learn meaningful and useful techniques for real-life situations. I would highly recommend hwa rang do for any person of any age. I LOVE HWA RANG DO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christopher B.


I recommend West Coast Hwa Rang Do because I’ve seen my friends grow as they’ve progressed after every class. And it’s more than just a school and a bunch of classes you take a few days a week. It’s a FAMILY.

  • Marianna T.


Unfortunately I live in Toronto and was not quite in California long enough to visit the studio. I sent an email and Grandmaster Lee answered me personally, offering me a sincere welcome to visit him and witness a class in progress. Over the last several years I have been slowly researching Hwa Rang Do and hoping to get the chance to move to a part of the world that would let me train in this fascinating art. I have learned a deep respect for the ethics and philosophy of the art and its practitioners, and Grandmaster Lee himself has personally responded to my inquiries on several occasions, taking time from his obviously full life to make even a stranger such as myself feel important and respected. In short, I have tremendous admiration for Grandmaster Lee and his school, and for the art in general, and if fate will allow it, some day soon I hope to be training there myself.

  • iamtheiconoclast


Me, my son and my daughter have been Hwa Rang Do students for the past eight years at Grandmaster Lee’s West Coast dojang. Hwa Rang Do is the most intense and complete martial arts of all. It brings extreme physical abilities and immense mental strength. For me it is important to keep training so I can keep applying the doctrines in my daily life, by this I mean discipline, respect, kindness and good health. The West Coast academy is part of my life, it is like another family. At 54 I am trying to become a Gumtoogi warrior, this is the most simple but difficult martial arts of all… I love it. To be able to combat with Grandmaster Lee is a great honor and also a great adrenaline sensation. Hwarang Forever.

  • Parislolo


I am a Martial Arts instructor in Colorado Springs, Colorado and I’ve never met Grandmaster Taejoon Lee, but his father and my Grandmaster in Hapkido are very good friends and I received a forward with a link to view K-Town Chronicles and I was very impressed. I have been doing Martial Arts for a long time and seldom do I see such crisp and swift execution of techniques. I believe that from what I have seen Grandmaster Lee is among the best Martial Artists that I’ve seen. I’ve also watched his seminars and demonstrations on the internet and they are awesome. I normally would not say such things about another Martial Artist but in this case it is true.

  • ChosanimJay


I wish I was a little younger, because I definitely would have joined this school. I have been watching the kids and adults train and perform for over three years, and I have witnessed the remarkable transformation in many of them. Besides being a first class, and well organized school with wonderful teachers, Grandmaster Lee being the BEST, it offers so many other things; character formation, self confidence, discipline, manners, and team spirit. West Coast is undoubtedly one of the finest Hwa Rang Do schools in the nation.

  • plupi100


It is hard to describe the experience I have lived through the Hwa Rang Do Academy. I was introduced to Grandmaster Lee by hearing one my friend talk and talk about him and his Hwa Rang Do Academy, which fascinated me. I loved to hear and observe how this academy and its master were changing his life. The more I heard the more I wanted to join it and meet him personally. I decided to interview Master Lee. That interview changed my life! He taught me many things that it is impossible to write all of them down. At the time of the interview I was having so many problems in my life. Nothing seemed to work the way I wanted to, and even if I knew what to do, I needed a little push. Grandmaster Lee was that little push in my life, even if he does not know it. I learned to give myself a chance to find the balance between myself, family, school, and my commitments. He helped me to realize that I have the power to put my thoughts into action. Life is not about staying in our comfort zone, it’s about challenging ourselves and becoming a better person. We must be true to ourselves and accept responsibility for our actions and decisions. Though I have not been able to be his student in the Hwa Rang Do Academy, he is a role model. I admire his determination, dedication, and commitment to his mission. He practices what he says and encourages the importance of taking action. Action changes everything, and changes are always good! Someday I will not only learn about life from Grandmaster Lee, but also about the beautiful art he practices, Hwa Rang Do. I truly believe his academy is the best!

  • presumida88


The West Coast Hwarangdo Academy will train your body, your mind and your spirit. Grandmaster Lee is the most dynamic teacher and instructor I have ever known. He is a true martial artist.

  • Shazz


This is very easily the best academy in California, if not America. The instruction is thorough and in-depth, covering a wide range of disciplines integral to a skilled and effective fighter.

  • Irondinosour


This studio is without a doubt the greatest studio in all of Los Angeles.

  • Sparkybubbles


I love Hwa Rang Do and it has been a great benefactor in my life and it is also a great workout!

  • giorules123


Best choice I have made in a long time. Throughout my time at the West Coast Hwa Rang Do Academy. I have learned many skills in organization, community, and commitment. And of course it is an amazing workout! I recommend Hwa Rang Do to everyone of all ages.

  • Sachas


Simply the best! Excellent.

  • kerre


Grandmaster Lee has proven himself to be extraordinarily multi-talented as usual in his debut movie Hyung. As a former student of Hwa Rang Do, I can only say I am proud of Grandmaster Taejoon Lee and stoked that I am a brother in this art of “flowering manhood.” Our master has truly proven his prowess both in and out of the ring once again. Hwarang Forever!

  • Keli Mednick


Grandmaster Taejoon Lee has an un-wavering dedication to his students that is totally encompassing. He knows the art so very well himself he can correct the slightest deviation in the students technique. To learn Hwa Rang Do is to perfect the qualities of your life.

  • windeee


I chose the West Coast Hwa Rang Do Academy not because I wanted to learn to beat someone up, nor because I wanted to just learn to defend myself. I was not looking for a school that offered easy ascension, quick results or made fancy claims. I chose Hwa Rang Do because it is the only school that offers a complete lifestyle package. By that I mean one, which trains your body, your mind and your spirit. The only way to be the best person you can be is to embrace and perfect yourself wholly. To embody the spirit of the Hwarang warrior is to do such a thing. Grandmaster Lee is humble and real and at the same time, grounded in a tradition handed down to him by his father, the Founder of the discipline. It is our honor to continue this tradition and we are proud to practice Hwa Rang Do!

  • HwaRangDo9


Mastery of any martial art takes years of practice, even a lifetime. I don’t understand how some “martial artists” can hold ranks in 5+ different types of martial arts. Loyalty and honor are one of the many codes a martial artist lives by… HwaRangDo is a comprehensive Traditional Korean Martial Art. It is not easy and it may not be for some; but isn’t that what martial arts should be? Challenge yourself and don’t settle for something that is easily attained. See for yourself… can’t give any excuses when you see a 87yr old grandmother training in HwaRangDo. Whether it be HwaRangDo or any Martial Arts, stay true to yourself and train to help others as well as for self betterment.

  • LPibe80


It’s hard to accurately portray the quality of this academy without sounding overly effusive. As you would expect from a martial art that strives for perfection in all facets of life; every element is top-notch — the art itself, how it’s taught, the school, and of course the instructors. The list goes on. Most important however, is the amount of personal growth that every student gains as this is the primary goal of the academy — to build strong, self-reliant leaders who are not only willing but able to better their communities.

  • hwarang


If you are looking for the newest fad and hippest spot DON’T TRAIN HERE. If you are looking to socialize and finish practice with your hair in place DON’T TRAIN HERE. If you started to train because you want to get your black belt DON’T TRAIN HERE. BUT, If you want to see what type of person you are down to your core, to be pushed past where you thought you ever could go, and to train under one of the greatest martial artists of our generation THEN YOU SHOULD TRAIN HERE.

  • softisue


West Coast Hwa Rang Do is a modern Hwa Rang warrior corps. A western link to the ancient eastern world. This is where people can learn the most traditional Korean arts in one system, hwa rang do. I hold only 3 korean martial arts with high regard: Hwa Rang Do, Hapkido, and Taekyon. Truly, Hwa Rang Do is the best and so is its founder (Dr. Joo Bang Lee) and his sons. Though there are other great styles out there, HRD is the best!

  • Phralak


Hands down the best martial arts school on the west coast.

  • jump_start


Beyond the technical training, there is a value system focused on personal integrity and discipline that you won’t find in other martial arts schools. The goal is to become a well-rounded individual with a strong mind, strong body, and strong spirit. As for the curriculum, we do it all in this school (Fight with weapons, if you lose it, fight with your hands, if you fall down, fight on the ground.)

  • Ojoeday


Along with having the best technical instruction, there is a great emphasis on discipline and personal growth, which is basically absent from 95% of commercialized schools out there today. Grandmaster Lee’s goal is not just make you the best martial artist you can be, but to be the best person you can be and strive to living a life of significance. My mind is blown every time I see Grandmaster Lee perform and have a glimpse into the vast knowledge he has to offer his students. I’ve yet to hear or see a martial artist who can top his skill and understanding of body mechanics.

  • fceballos


After training in Muay Thai for 3 years, I got sick of just pounding each others’ heads out… There has to be more to martial art than just the physical attributes. I sought out for a martial art school that still valued all the different elements that embody the meaning of “martial art”, and I found it here. Hwarang!

  • Raymond


This school helps instill an amazing degree of discipline, self-reliance, courage, and mental and physical strength. It is very traditional and not commercialized like many other martial art schools.

  • asnqt913