On Being Hwarang

A sharp blade dulls quickly, a dull blade is useless, sharpening the blade is a warrior’s life.

Hwarang pay homage to beauty. You’re not a Hwarang if you don’t understand esthetics.

Through understanding beauty, one gains greater appreciation of the mystery and majesty of God.

When we stay together, we must make each other more beautiful. Vanity for vanity sake is futile and only enhances the worship of the “self”.

We’re warriors: we must be unafraid to battle. However, fighters fight because they like to fight, but warriors fight because we must. The most noble path is to fight to save a life; in the name of our Lord, King and Savior.

Being a warrior means to walk with death, side-by-side, like a companion.

Flowers possess the essence of beauty without effort. That’s the ideal we should all strive for – be strong without trying to be strong, be wise without trying to be wise, be beautiful without trying, just by being.

Warriors are not lucky or unlucky: their training will determine their luck, and win or lose, live or die, only God will judge the victor!


Student: “Sun Tzu said: do not engage in a war that you’re not sure to win.”
Kuk Sa Nim: “Yes, in a military for a general that is suitable, but what is noble in winning a war that you’re sure to win? That’s the difference between being practical and being noble – to fight with faith in God.”

Our tradition is in our way to live. Maybe one day I will decide to pick flowers, it would be the same for me.

Warriors don’t retire, they die.

SARANG HAP MI DA = I LOVE YOU. Notice that the sound of SARANG is quite similar to HWARANG!

From my best I expect the most.

DO not do Hwa Rang Do. BE a Hwarang.

If something is 2000 years old, it should be 2000 times better.

Esthetics is about symmetry and balance.

This is the problem with people: they don’t want what they need; they only want what they want and what they want is not necessarily what they need. Our goal is to understand what we need and pursue it.

As warriors, when we lose, we must lose graciously; when we win, we must win even more graciously.

We are only as strong as our weakest self. As in a group, like a chain it is only as strong as its weakest link.

I’m here today because I’m a dreamer. I could not do this job if I was not.

Testing for me is a Sunday at church.

Testing is how we maintain quality control.

You must be poets.

We are who we are. We are Hwarang.

2000 years from now, when they talk about the Hwarang, I want them to talk about us.

We make history. Time doesn’t make history. People using time wisely make history.

We are recruiting all around the world people who think like us, so all warriors shall unite one day.

Grass must be cut constantly. As a Hwarang we must always be cutting in our own garden first, then the rest.