On Excellence

How do you make it the best for you? You dedicate yourself to what is best and you participate in its bestness.

If you want to be of influence, then you have to make yourself the best, most knowledgeable, most strong; then, the only reason to make yourself knowledgeable and strong is so that you can better influence and help others. Anything else is vanity.

Look within yourself and you’ll find the answers, for God gave you all from your conception. Don’t look externally for only lies and deceit lie waiting to entrap you. Trust in yourself for you are created in God’s image, but never be proud for your life is a gift and your body is loaned.

“More” doesn’t necessarily mean, “better”!

The mind is the general; the body is the soldier. You must command and lead your body, not the other way around.

A goal, which is easily attainable, is a goal not worth striving for.

Making a decision and choosing are quite different: the first action is related to division and not just the act of choosing. When you decide you remove many other things and what remains is what you want. When you just choose you can also maintain the other bad options.

From my best I expect the most.

When it comes to life or death, there are no do‐overs. That’s why you practice. This is what it means to be a warrior.

Whatever mistakes you make that you don’t know how you made them, you can’t fix it.

If you know traditional ballet, you can always do boogie. If you know only boogie, you cannot do traditional ballet.

Ego comforts our mistakes. Hence Ego teaches nothing, but Vanity.

There’s nothing you can gain of value without sacrifice. And, if you want something of value without sacrifice, then you are no better than a thief.

Testing for me is like Church on the Sabbath.

With enough practice, we can do most things, but with Faith you can do anything.

Transform. Without change there’s no growth and without growth there is no change. And, anything that stands still rots.