On Truth

By its mere definition “Truth” must be exclusive!

Words don’t possess meaning alone. Words are references to already existing ideas. And words have meaning because there have been experiences that have already been established. And, all we’re doing by using the same words is to identify and trigger those memories of the collective. And, to know the Truth we must seek the origin of the first word.

Right is right, wrong is wrong, but who defines what is right and wrong?

Seeing the Truth is harder than seeking the Truth, even harder is embracing the Truth when you don’t see it.

You should deserve the Truth, but the problem is that you are not the one to determine your worthiness.

It’s not up to human beings to forgive. It is up to God. It’s not about forgiving, it’s about accepting. However, to be truly free of yourself, you must learn how to forgive with the Truth.

You must be hungry for the Truth! There’s nothing else of greater value.

Take my possessions, torture my body, distract my mind, but nothing can yield a spirit that is True!

Doing it halfway is a sure way to hell.

We are all slaves whether knowing or unknowing. However, unknowing we have no choice, but knowing we may choose what Master to serve.

The mind, the Ego always lies. The Truth lies in the heart.

Warriors are not lucky or unlucky: their training will determine their luck, and win or lose, live or die, only God will judge the victor!

If you’re indecisive, then your decisions will be made for you. If you don’t know the Truth, then you will live someone else’s truth. And, life is all about decisions. When you have to make a decision, you will choose what pleases others. Surely then, you will not live your life; you can only live other’s lives.

Duty is not a question. The question is whether to fulfill it or not?

If you do not have proof for your faith, then you did not seek enough.

Your mouth lies, because it’s controlled by your brain, and your brain is controlled by your ego, and your ego always lies.

A person without spirit is nothing compared to a person with spirit.

Honor is a self‐sustained idea.

Knowledge must be progressive, but Truth must be Absolute!

If a person says too many nevers, he’s hiding from something.

Equality is not equity.

Truth is not in history alone as history is made by the conquerors, not by the conquered.

Be relentless in seeking the Truth. Never mind what other people say, because they cannot understand what you do.

You may not be liked when you do what is right. Hence being liked does not determine a virtuous man.