On Suffering

If you don’t want heartaches, troubles, and suffering, then don’t live.

Body without the spirit is dead. Why live like the living dead?

There is no growth without pain and without pain the growth is hollow.

You suffer because you love your child and you don’t want someone you love to hurt, but it is through the pain and suffering lessons are learned. So if you love your child, then you must give them strength and courage to endure the pain and suffering, which is an unavoidable consequence of living.

When your day is ruined, then have a toast to the rain!

If you avoid suffering, you’re avoiding life.

Most of living is tolerance, enduring and accepting your pain.

When something bad happens, and you are sad, you must not worry, because this is part of the natural flow of the universe. What goes up must come down; when there are peaks there will be troughs, and vice-versa.

It is useless to blame someone else for your problems. Surely the person you are blaming is not coming to fix your problem. Even if you think it’s not your fault, the only person you can control is yourself.

My ways are my ways. What’s painful is painful. Everyone wants to be liked; yet I am alone. That’s the price of being decisive.

To learn faith you must seek a mentor who has endured through the greatest suffering yet still has maintained their faith.

There’s nothing noble, great, or of much effort for a person to be happy when things are good; it’s when things are bad that one can face the hardships with joy is someone worthy of nobility.

Trying at all costs to be clever by taking short cuts to avoid suffering will lead you straight to it.