On Teaching

When you’re teaching first, you have to tell them the purpose and the meaning behind what you’re teaching.

When I say you didn’t think, I mean that if you did think, you didn’t think enough.

Justification for your mistake is not understanding of your mistake: It’ an excuse for it, and trying to explain why you made the mistake is useless. No one needs to hear it except you.

I cannot tell you not to fear me, but you should not. What I do, I do for you.

You cannot duplicate a Picasso painting. You need to develop your own style to express your true self.

Age is not necessarily wisdom, but it should be.

No way to teach a person how to run if he cannot walk!

Don’t teach to impress your students, but teach so that they learn the lesson. Feeding the ego benefits nothing, teaching others can benefit the entire world.

The true depth of knowledge comes by teaching what you’ve learned. And, if you cannot teach it, you haven’t learned it.

If you choose to be Instructors, then whether you want to or not you are leaders, and the only true way to lead is by example.

Understanding purpose is what gives meaning and without meaning, there’s no value.

Teaching is parenting and parenting is teaching

Teaching is parenting because you must make sure your students learn the lesson. It is not enough to give the lesson, as it is not enough to tell your child what to do. You must make sure that not only do they do it, but also that they do it right.

We are cleaners, because we clean other’s mistakes. That’s a job that nobody wants to do, but one which must be done. However, be careful because as we clean, just as mops, we get dirtier.

As teachers, we must discipline not because we like it, but because our students need it

The simplest thing brought to the extreme can become an enlightening experience.

I don’t need to be liked by you; if you give up it’s ok to me. But, if you remain you’ll be better than before.

A yes is a yes, a no is a no, and the two should never mix. First you must know white and black, then you can mix them to have different shades of gray. You cannot first have gray, then expect to extract black and white from it.

I don’t want to be the hardest on my students. I want my students to be the hardest on themselves.

If there’s a high number of people who fail your tests, it’s your fault.

Testing is how we maintain quality control for others as well as for ourselves.

Do not teach what you know; teach what you understand.

If your heart is not shattered ten thousand times, then you have not taught hard enough.