On Competition

For us, Competition is not about winning; it’s about constantly pushing each other to be better. Hence we not only better ourselves, but we better humanity.

You can’t get upset that somebody else did better than you. You got to get upset that you didn’t do your best.

The goal is to test each other to be at their best, and in so doing, you make yourself better.

Distraction only works when it’s convincing.

You don’t win by defending. You win by attacking.

The better you are, the bigger risks you can take.

You cannot hit what you cannot see, but what you cannot see can hit you.

At the beginning of your training you’re using your mind, after that your body. When the mind and the body grow tired, you use your spirit: in that moment, you’re going to know the right technique.

Warriors are not lucky or unlucky: their training will determine their luck, and win or lose, live or die, only God will judge the true victor!

Power comes from speed and accuracy – planning carefully to ensure accuracy, then attack with speed when you decide to act.

When you commit in the attack, you cannot fail. You don’t stop until you succeed. That’s commitment. Only failure is in quitting. Therefore, with faith you cannot lose.

During fighting you’re sharing the truth.

You must commit. There is no do‐over. Sometimes, when you make a mistake in fighting, you can force it to make it work.

When you don’t commit and you do it half‐way, do not expect to win.

If you’re tense, you cannot have speed. And, you’re tense because you’re afraid. Without speed, you cannot defeat your enemy. And, without being relaxed, you cannot have speed. And, without being unafraid, you cannot be relaxed.

As warriors, when we lose, we must lose graciously; when we win, we must win even more graciously.

When you decide to take action, make it fast.