On Love

Passion comes from love, but love is not passion. A love that survives the fires of passion is like the rarest of gems.

Whatever you do, do it the best and then money will follow! But, you cannot do best what you do not love, so it is love which one must seek, not money.

Two things you cannot control, nor would you want to – love and death!

Trust and love are things you may want, but will never truly receive without first giving. And surely, if you don’t give, then you’ll never receive.

Love without God is insanity! That’s the reason why you can’t be rational.

SARANG HAP NI DA = I LOVE YOU. Notice that the sound of SARANG is quite similar to HWARANG!!

If I did not love what I’m doing, I would not do it.

Until death do us part are not light words.

If you don’t take care of things they fade. Don’t take love for granted.

Love is God and God is Love.

Love is the essence of God and it is the absence of love that we suffer. So, to love without loving God, love will be perilous and suffering immeasurable.

If you love me, then I love you; this is not love. Therefore, love must be unconditional.

True love can be seen in the love of a child by its mother; love of man by its creator.

Love of a God, Love of a Family, Love of a Lover, Love of a Friend: And, in that order. Actually the Greeks had Friend before Lover; I guess I am still hopelessly romantic.

If you love someone truly without loving God, when that love is taken away, when it leaves you, there is no hope.

When it comes to trust, loyalty, and love, giving is receiving.

If you’re afraid of getting hurt, then you can never love;
If you’re afraid of losing, then you can never give;
If you’re afraid of dying, then you can never live;
Ultimately, what you fear is the Truth, so you survive in lies, where you’re always the fairest one of all!