On The Self

To understand the world external to you, you must understand the self, because in essence you are the microcosm of the universe.

Whatever the stuff the universe is made of, you are made of that stuff.

Nobody else will fix you; you have to do it, because nobody else can. But, you can only fix that which you know is broken.

If you’re not able to see the mistakes in yourself, but see them in others, then you’re in denial. If you see the mistakes in yourself, also in others, that is compassion.

You cannot change anything other than yourself. You must become the way you want the world to be!

You feel bad, and you take medicine, then it goes down like poison. You feel good, and you take poison, then it goes down like medicine.

Never the grass is greener elsewhere. Our goal is to make the grass where we stand the greenest.

Our goal as individuals is not to have a default.

Your goal is to take off layer by layer and look severely at your core.

You must make your conscious and subconscious the same.

We are only aware of 5% of consciousness and the rest is subconscious. It’s the 95% of the subconscious which we are not aware of that controls us. Yet, we claim to know ourselves. The goal is to know the subconscious and become fully aware.