On Happiness

Happiness from pleasure is short lived; happiness derived from achieving high goals is eternal.

There is no lesson learned from pleasure; it only increases vanity and self-delusion.

Seeking pleasure is a sure way to hell.

Pleasure is not happiness. Thinking this is why we fail miserably.

Pleasure is a drug that addicts us to a temporary high that we spend all our lives seeking, but never being fulfilled.

Seeking pleasure deprives morality and destroys the spirit.

True happiness is a state of being, unaffected by the external world and it’s influences.

Happiness that you can buy can never endure; happiness you earn will always remain.

True happiness comes organically from achieving difficult tasks and overcoming great challenges.

Happiness from selfish gain increases our self-esteem; happiness from helping others empowers us.

If you gain happiness from material things, then you’ll become a slave to money. If you gain happiness from faith, then you’ll be a slave to God. And, if you think you are not a slave to either, then you are a slave to the Ego (the king of denial).