On Wisdom

Knowledge is useless unless you apply it.

Age is not necessarily wisdom.

Teens are sophomoric (wise-fools). We shouldn’t always be like that.

When you are young you are filled with energy, so you don’t worry about the breath, yet breath is life.

Stories are how you remember.

The more knowledge you have, the more you should become aware. But, the problem is the more knowledge you have, the more arrogant you become and the more arrogant you become, the myopic you are, the opposite of being aware.

Just because you have eyes doesn’t mean you can see. And surely, no one can see what you can see and vice-versa.

Old dogs can’t learn new tricks. With greater ego, you cannot grow and forever remain king of your domain.

Wae Yu Nae Kang (Soft Outside ‐ Hard Inside)

You don’t need discipline to do what you like; you need discipline for doing things you don’t like.

No matter how successful or skilled we become, we must always remember our beginnings and know where we come from, and with this idea we must always remain humble.

If you feel humiliated you are not humble.

First you must know white and black, then you can mix them to have different shades of gray. You cannot first have gray, then expect to extract black and white from it.

The fact a thing has been done for 50 years or a thousand doesn’t necessarily make it right.

Everything has a time and a place and wisdom is knowing when and where. However, there are some things that should never be done.